Week 1 summary

We’ll keep tinkering over the weekend, but I’m pretty pleased with where we’ve ended up in the first week here in Istanbul – actually it’s only really been four days.  You can see the latest on the visual front above – basically it’s the skeleton particle trails shown below combined with the 3D mesh display, somewhat improved from the earlier versions shown a few days ago.

And below you can listen to an early version of the soundscape (play it with the video if you like, though of course it won’t be synced)  – this is basically just the ‘singing sand-dune drones’ emitted by the traces/sculptures.  The soundbursts themselves aren’t sounding very nice yet – something for the weekend..

This is very much the first first first first version, and I’ve no idea if the final thing will look and sound anything like this at all,  but it’s a start I think, and definitely something we can start to work with with the dancers on Monday..



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