We’ve had a little bit of time off over the weekend.  Istanbul has been busy, and fun.  There are not one but two (at least) major arts events going on – the Istanbul Biennale and ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art).  We went along the the opening of the Biennale on Friday night which was fun (thanks Aylin and Yigit), and we’ve also gone to a few of the ISEA exhibitions as well as having a couple of nice dinners with a few ISEA types.  Wish we could do more really, but need to remember why we’re here and keep working..

There was one piece in the exhibition at the Cumhuriet Art Gallery that seemed quite relevant to what we’re doing – Proposition 2.0 by Mark Cypher (left). I think I said something at some point about me and my shadow, being ‘literally’ a sandbox environment – well this really is literally a sandbox. There’s a suitcase full of sand to play with, which is then picked up by the kinect (above) and projected onto the flat surface on the right and the little sand planet on the left.


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