Ben v Gölgem

That’s Turkish for ‘me and my shadow’ – I like it.

The last few days of the Istanbul residency were a bit intensive – too busy for blogging.. I’m back in England now, and the dust has settled a bit.  This is a quick summary of what happened at the end of our two weeks.

Over Thursday and Friday the MADE partners arrived, the group gradually snowballing in size. We/they had various meetings about MADE, me and my shadow and the white paper which is the ultimate outcome of the MADE project as a whole.  We also had some great social occasions – particularly memorable was our trip to the Asian side (wow, Istanbul is big) for a wonderful dinner overlooking the Bosphorus, with the ships and the calls to prayer echoing across the bay – magical.  Thanks Beliz!

In terms of me and my shadow, we spent the last few days (when we weren’t in meetings, on ferries or eating delicious meals) tweaking the visuals and in particular the sound.  I might post some more details in a while.  The residency culminated in a process performance at Galata Perform, right in the middle of the central Taksim area, with dancers Dilek, Steven and Banu from the Monday/Tuesday workshops.  I think it went pretty well – the tiny (and hot!) venue was packed to bursting with interested and perceptive (judging by the questions afterwards) people, and the dancers did us proud.

You can see some excerpts – actually, pretty much the whole thing – in the videos above. I didn’t get a chance to video the event, so thanks to Yigit for that (as well as all your other help over the course of the residency).

Many thanks to Aylin and all the boDig team for a wonderful residency – we had a great time in Istanbul, and I think we made a very good start on the project.


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