Monthly Archives: December 2011

MADE and me and my shadow is about to kick into high gear again.

We’re starting the new year with a bang, with the London residency starting bright and early on the 3rd January.  This residency is hosted by body>data>space, who’ve teamed up with the National Theatre for this one.  We’ll be working at the National Theatre Studios for two weeks, where there are some fantastic facilities which will really help us move things up a level.  Where in Istanbul we were working with just the one portal, this time we’ll be working with all four, set up side by side in the Weston studio, which could almost have been purpose built – it’s a big long space which will give us all the room we need to do that, and more.

We’ll also be hosting a workshop for Kinect hackers, programmers and artists to share some of the techniques and code that are evolving around the project and invite input and feedback.  This is intended to be an open and collaborative project, and this will give us a chance to prove it.

In the meantime, I’ve added a new page to this blog, People. This is a big collaborative process, and I want to acknowledge everyone who’s involved.  It’s a list which I expect will grow exponentially as the project progresses!