Happy New Workshop

..and so to the start of the second residency in London at the National Theatre Studio, hosted by body>data>space and National Theatre Digital Media. It feels very exciting to be right in the core of London at the very start of 2012, even if it is raining and very cold!

By the end of the Istanbul workshop, we had a working prototype of one portal; the aim of this workshop is to get all four working, albeit still in prototype form, and in one place rather than four different countries. I’ve found from previous telepresence projects (with body>data>space amongst others) that this is a very valuable evolutionary stage, allowing a rapid flow of aesthetic and technical development and dialogue which would be much more clumsy (and slow) over a distance.

In this instance, it might have been hard to find a space suitable to house all four portals at once, but fortunately, the National Theatre have just the space – the Weston Studio, a long tall space which could have been purpose built for us. We’re in there next week, working with some of bds’ regular  dance collaborators (who are particularly experienced with telepresence setups) and culminating with a process showing on Friday 13th (perhaps we could have chosen a more auspicious date, but there you go). This week we’re working in the seminar room on the code – this is also fantastically fit-for-purpose, with a big table we can set all the machines up on and get them talking to each other.


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