This is a final round-up on the last few days at the National Theatre Studio – these were VERY intense for all of us, and left very little time for blogging. I did however manage to get quite a lot of documentation, which I’ve been sifting through and editing over the weekend and put up here. Here are a few little notes and explanations:

Videos (above, be sure to watch these ones on full screen!) – the first one was made on Thursday, and is probably my best attempt to capture the project so far. We used two cameras – each capturing two portals, so hopefully you can really see the interaction between all four (give it a bit of time..). The angles aren’t quite right as you can see, but this was as near as I could get it. The sound is a direct feed from the computer, so is the best representation of where we’re at with that. It’s correctly panned to that the sound for each portal comes from more-or-less the right place. The interaction between sound and movement seems to be clearest towards the end of this clip.

The second video uses the two cameras but with just two portals (and sound just from the camera mics). It’s a bit more of a rush-job as it was made just before the process showing on Friday – sorry for chopping your heads off, Nick and Sasha! I wanted to include it though because it shows a number of refinements made overnight between Thursday and Friday. The main change is that we finally have a horizon – might seem like a small thing, but it was very important for me, and makes orientation in the space much easier.

The third video (a bit out of focus – sorry!) shows an overview ‘fly through’ of the space, so you can see the scale and shape of it (we plan to have something like this on display on the outsides of the portals, and also hopefully online). You can see how the horizon works – it’s basically a circular space that fades to black towards the edges. This is a very rough approximation of my idea for next stage of the project, where there will be lighting, with a very bright light in the centre of the space. You’ll know where you are because the further you get from the centre the darker it will get.

The last video shows an inverted version of the image – again this gives and approximate idea – this time of what the final world might look like in the darkness of the edges.

Photos (below) are all of the last few days, including the process showing on Friday and dinner afterwards (you can see just how many people we’d ‘snowballed’ to by the end of the residency!). Most of these are from our photoshoot on Thursday. I hasten to add that these are not the actual professional photographs, from Jean-Paul Berthoin (can’t wait to see those!), but just a few that I quickly snapped as we went along.

We were very happy with the way the process showing went on Friday – it all went off without a hitch, I felt it had a real buzz about it, and we got some really great and useful feedback. Many thanks to everyone at body>data>space and the National Theatre Studio and beyond who helped to make that happen (sorry not to list names here, but you’re all in the ‘People’ section).

Next step Mons at the end of March, where we’ll be focusing on the aesthetics of the piece, making it look (and especially sound) beautiful. I expect there’ll be developments in the meantime, and be sure I’ll post them here..

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  1. Hi Jo,
    I’m Paula (from the kt-bt berlin 99 crowd, presently engaged on research about web based dance, living in Portugal). Just a quick note to thank you for this information. I tried to follow the project live but could not be in London these days. What you have posted here is already quite elucidating about what is going on. I will be closely following the project (Ghislaine has introduced me to it), and I am particularly involved in the perspective of the audience that can only find it on-line, despite all the interesting bits about the process. I am available to give you further feedback at some state if you like, in the kind of what I see, what I feel. Congratulations! This looks quite exciting! See you some day. Paula

    • johyde said:

      Hi Paula, yes – I remember, even though it was a long time ago! We haven’t really developed the online aspect of the project yet (apart from the blog of course0, but hopefully will over the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted, and would very much welcome your feedback. All the best, Jo

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