Technical headaches / breakthroughs

Phill has been walking around with furrowed brow today. He’s been spending a lot of time scribbling diagrams; staring at boxes, and chairs, and boxes on top of chairs. I’m a bit worried about him.

What’s been vexing him is the particularly knarly problem of combining data from several Kinects. A few people have used multiple Kinects, but I haven’t seen much work where the Kinects are actually pointed at the same thing (or box, or chair, or person). The problem is that many points will actually be seen by both (eventually all three) cameras, so combining the two sets of data requires a kind of 3D jigsaw-puzzle thinking that hurts.  For the full technical detail on this see Phill’s own blog.

On a more satisfying note – I think we’ve cracked the problem we had with the navigation in London. This proved so tricky and sensitive that even highly trained dancers had trouble with it. I’m happy to say that we’ve made a lot of progress on this over the last couple of days – it’s now much smoother and ‘steadier’ somehow, and can be easily adjusted to calibrate the sensitivity. We won’t know for sure until next week when we try it out with a few more people, but I’m hopeful it’s sorted now.

So.. having said we’d focus on the aesthetics this time, we do seem to have spent a bit of time here in Mons on technical issues. They’re kind of big though, and do impact on the aesthetics to a certain extent. It seemed crazy not to deal with them while we had a bit of time. In the meantime I have been making great strides with the sound – more v. soon.


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