Sound – development

I’ve evolved the sound a bit more over the last few days. It’s the same basic idea and material, but with a little more variety in terms of the layers I’m using and the way they’re controlled. I feel like this is a bit of a balancing act here – it needs to be quite approachable I think, given the sheer variety of people who are likely to engage with the final piece. But it also needs to be distinctive and characterful – I don’t want to play to the lowest common denominator. It also needs to be interactive, but I want it to have a convincing musical flow to it. It needs to be a result of the users’ movement, but also encourage people to move (in some way be ‘good to dance to’). Finally it needs to be sparse enough that cause and effect are clear (I’m hoping the sound might function as an integral part of the navigation and general usability), but complex and varied enough to be interesting. Tricky..

I don’t think I should develop this much more before we reconnect the sound and image (and interactivity). Hopefully we’ll do this over the next couple of days and start to form an overall audiovisual aesthetic and a new model for interaction. We should hopefully be building the first portal during this time, so it’s an exciting few days we have ahead!


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