Portal Build

Significant progress has been made with the first physical portal this week, which is very exciting. Yesterday I went down to Aurelian’s house in the French countryside, where the portal has been taking shape in his garage. Very impressive and imposing on first sighting. I also went to see the site that has been arranged for the opening in June, which is equally impressive. This Galeries Royales St Hubert, right in the centre of Brussels, just literally off the main square. It’s a great big space, very light and airy, and no-one will be able to miss the great big me and my shadow portal appearing from nowhere in the middle of it, like a 2001 (the film, not the year) monolith (thanks Nicolas for that one). This is being arranged with the Cinema Galeries, who have been very helpful and enthusiastic – thanks!

Today the portal arrived in the chapel. The design is great for putting up (and taking down) super quickly, just like lego (and I love lego). It’s still not complete, as it doesn’t have the inner (fabric) wall or a roof, but I think it’ll serve for now to give an impression of what the space will feel like. Today we’re moving all the equipment etc. into there, and hopefully we’ll have a prototype portal!

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