Mons Process Showing

I’m going to make this brief as it’s the Easter weekend. I mainly wanted to post an image and movie from the process showing on Thursday which ended the Mons residency. Hopefully they speak for themselves, since the primary focus of this stage was to develop the visual and sonic aesthetics. Neither is completely there yet – we had some technical limitations in this residency as we didn’t have the high-end PC we’ll use for the finalised portal, and could only use two Kinects, while the final portal will have three (and finally not have a Kinect stuck in the middle of the screen!). Also of course, it’s only one portal, so the other three users aren’t there. I’m happy that the ‘look and feel’ of it is approaching the final form though, so mission accomplished! Thanks to all at Transcultures for making it happen, and the University of Mons for hosting us. Now, on to the final stretch, the final residency in Enghien-les-Bains, Paris in May, and the opening in London, Paris, Brussels and Istanbul on the 9th June..

  1. Hi jo, pretty incredbile ‘world’ one can see in the picture! breathtaking, makes me want to be there to! I would love to see a film of what is showing on the screen, as if i am a “spectator” on the web or a non-participant audience member at the installation site. Can you post something? Although it is interesting to see the person dealing with it’s shadow, I am very curious to see what come’s out of that . Even if for now you only have this one portal with real time moving people.
    Re: enghien-les-bains – any chance to see some of the WIP on the web?
    congratulations for the good work!

    • johyde said:

      Hi Paula, Thanks for that – it’ll go another stage further for Enghien too, and of course be more complex with all four portals going. Yes, there will be a ‘spectator’ version too, shown outside the portals and hopefully on the web. Although it’s a bit old now (and just filmed from the screen), there’s a little snippet of roughly what this will look like here:

  2. Hi jo,
    I was reading your cardboard box post…. it is really the worst thing ever to happen, and the way you describe it just shows how good you have to bee on the mood and tech-geekie side of these things, as well as an inspired artist 😉 well done.
    I saw this video you recomended and the one above as well with the person moving the self on the virtual space and the POV uppon it as well.
    It is interesting that you can combine the two – my movement changes the perspective upon the scene (which somehow happens in reality). However, I would be cautious about too much (too speedy… too wide angle) camera movement as it tends to be distracting and can even become very tireing for the viewer. As for the performer, it will give an illusion of movement that will probably dismiss a bit the need for engaging further complex body movement (not that we need a lot of dancing but it would be a pitty if, with such a complex and well sorted system, the major contributions stick to swinging and waving). I also like to think about this philosophicaly, considering the way one see itself in relation to the other, that are triggered by the differences – am I moving my self in the envrionment (interacting) or am I moving the environment with my self (comanding) … hehe

    I suppose you all have thought about the POV movement but since I commited to be a ‘feedbacker’, here I am!

    I’ll be coming into the system through the london portal between the 24th and the 26th June. Before that I look forwards to see something at some point monitored and broadcast on the web, which I can comment here if you like.

    good luck with everything – it looks beautifull. My sincere condolencies about your dead mac.

    • johyde said:

      Hi Paula, Yes, it was pretty bad, but I reckon only the second worst thing that could happen – the worst would be losing my data, and thank goodness the disk was OK!

      Yes, I know what you mean on the POV. It’s been something we’ve constantly thought about with this project. There is a kind of conflict between the movement needed to navigate and the movement you might want to do to be free, creative – to dance! I don’t think it’s a conflict we can escape from, because I really don’t want there to be any ‘hardware’ – no controller or interface or anything. I don’t always feel like this, but in this project I want the technology to be as invisible as possible.

      This conflict was definitely troublesome in the London residency, but we’re solving it, at least partly, by making the navigation better and better. I think it’s getting to the point now where it feels so natural and effortless that within seconds you can kind of forget about it. You’ll have to let me know when you actually get in there!

  3. Hello Jo, I sent you an email to following your perosnal page indications, I have a a request for you regarding M&MS. thank you, paula

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