Monthly Archives: June 2012

me and my shadow is over now, sadly; but I’m already looking forward to me and my shadow 2 – more anon!  In the meantime I’m gathering some documentation, feedback and so on.  We’ve been getting some great feedback on the project – I’ve made a new Feedback section to gather some of this, including a very nice ‘vox pops’ video that the National Theatre put together.  Above are a couple of videos that I’ve made showing the portals in action, and below a small selection of the many, many photos I’ve taken over the last week of setup, the launch and the first week of running.

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It’s been a whirlwind few days – I haven’t had time to post, and really I’m too tired now.  However, I had to at least let you know that we’re up and running.  I’ve been back in London, and we were working frantically right up until the launch, but then everything has gone super smoothly for the launch and the first two days of operation.  Phew!  I’ve been very happy with it, and we’ve had some great feedback from visitors.  Come and have a go – details are, as before, in the PREMIERE section (see above).  If you can’t physically make it to one of the portals, then you can see an overview of the realtime virtual space HERE (do bear in mind that this is realtime, so if you log in when the portals aren’t open, you won’t see much).

I’ll post more very soon!

Well, almost!

The Enghien portal is up and running, and looking very smart (thanks to the fantastic team at cda).  Tomorrow we hopefully get the others up and running too, and talking to each other…

Sorry I haven’t had time to post much over the last week – coordinating the four installations in four countries has been very complex.  It’s been very hard work for the partners in each country too – I really appreciate everyone’s hard work in this final push – it will be worth it!

Again, if you’d like to visit one of the portals, check out the details in the PREMIERE section.