me and my shadow is over now, sadly; but I’m already looking forward to me and my shadow 2 – more anon!  In the meantime I’m gathering some documentation, feedback and so on.  We’ve been getting some great feedback on the project – I’ve made a new Feedback section to gather some of this, including a very nice ‘vox pops’ video that the National Theatre put together.  Above are a couple of videos that I’ve made showing the portals in action, and below a small selection of the many, many photos I’ve taken over the last week of setup, the launch and the first week of running.

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  1. Hi jo, it was a great experience to be at the national on the 25th. Only unfortunate that we could not connect with istambul and brussels, as I never managed to catch that on the stream. Have you got any footage with the “performance” view (and if you have with the “performer’s view” that’s also interesting) that has people on the four portals and plays with sound? I checked the stream documentation film in this blog, but there we have no sound so it its incomplete for any sort of analysis; this would be good to review the work again in full working mode. once again congratulations!

  2. johyde said:

    Hi Paula, it was nice to see you! There are a couple of videos on the front page in the performance view which do (just about) have all four countries in. With sound of course. Yes, it’s a shame we didn’t get the sound on the stream – we were really close on this, and it was just a small technical issue at cda – I had to give up on this in the end though as I was badgering people there too much..

  3. sorry Jo, I can see we have different ideas about what is the ‘performance’ view ; -) I meant something like the stream view but with sound. As for the other ones, I saw these two up front at the home page / documentation : the first one has ‘davey’ going inside in enghien, and the second one had Ghislaine (both of them you are commenting) is that what you mean by the videos on the front page? Thank you for guiding me inside the web 🙂

  4. johyde said:

    Ah, sorry, I did misunderstand. No, we don’t have that I’m afraid. I never tried to have sound with the views external to the portals as it would have been disruptive in the public locations. To be honest, I thought of the sound as primarily for the ‘inside view’ not for the ‘overview’ (what you call the ‘performance view’) – I did want to have it for the stream, partly as an experiment but also so that people who couldn’t visit the portals could experience it. But the sound was really meant as part of the immersive experience for ‘inside’, not for an external ‘audience’.

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