MADE has provided a fantastic collaborative framework for me and my shadow, without which none of it would be possible.  I’m very grateful to them for providing access to so many amazing and talented people.  Here are at least some of them – hope I haven’t forgotten anyone!:

Joseph Hyde – lead artist, concept, visual and sound design (bio below)

Phill Tew – lead programmer, designer (bio below)

Istanbul Residency

Aylin Kalem (boDig) – Producer

Tolga Tüzün (boDig) – Coordination

Dancers/Choreographers/Performers –

Stephen Champs

Dilek Champs

Beliz Demircioglu Cihandide

Yigit Daldikler

Banu Pekol

Ghislaine Boddington – Dramaturgy

Philippe Baudelot – MADE observer / Documenter

London Residency

Ghislaine Boddington (Creative Director – body>data>space) – Producer/Dramaturgy

Leanne Hammacott (Associate Director – body>data>space) – Producer

Marie Proffit (body>data>space) – Communications and Development Coordinator

Geraldine Atger (body>data>space) – Residency Coordination

Lee Curran (body>data>space) – Technical Coordination

Toby Coffey (National Theatre Digital Media) – Producer

David Sabel (Director National Theatre Digital Media)

Nick di Vita (body>data>space) – Dancer / on site support

Sasha Spasic – Dancer / Rehearsal direction

Amina Khayyam – Dancer

Philippe Baudelot – MADE observer / documenter

Mons Residency

Philippe Franck – (Transcultures) Director

Nicolas Thys Wilde – (Transcultures) Administrative manager

Lucie Knockaert – (Transcultures) Production manager

Emilien Baudelot – (Transcultures) Technical coordination

Aurélien Giraudet – (Transcultures) Portal design/build

Ghislaine Boddington – Dramaturgy

Ana Cembrero Coca – Dancer

Philippe Baudelot – MADE observer / documenter

Enghien-les-Bains Residency

Jeremie Sananes – Coordinateur – Co-ordinator

Thibault Moreau – Technicien vidéo/informatique – Video and computer technician

Ghislain Louvard – Technicien de plateau – Stage technician

Gad Cohen – Constructeur / peintre –Builder / Painter

Magalie Hausler – Constructeur – Builder

Stephane Nicolas – Constructeur – Builder

Grégory Bidault – Constructeur – Builder

Marie Lesage – Coordination culturelle Partenariats européens et internationaux – Cultural Coordination. European & International Partnerships

Philippe Baudelot – MADE observer / documenter

Frome Residency

(ie the short periods when I’ve been at home between the residencies!)

Beatrix Hyde – Builder of Worlds

Solomon Hyde – Destroyer of Worlds

Coralie Hyde – Picker-up of Pieces

more seriously, I really must thank my family for bearing with me through a crazy year – love you!

Joseph Hyde – bio

Joseph Hyde is a composer and media artist. Collaboration is a key element of his work, particularly in contemporary dance, where he works with sound, video, interactive systems and telepresence. His interest in movement and interactive technology led him to an in-depth exploration of the possibilities of the Microsoft Kinect in a performing/interactive context, which he is exploring through creative projects and writing. He is Professor of Creative Sound and Media Technology at Bath Spa University, UK.

Phill Tew – bio

A graduate of the Newport School of Art and Design in fine arts/contemporary media, Phil Tew is a programmer and a new media artist. He applies a wide range of know-how to create works involving generative processes, physical modelling and creativity. His most recent works explore immersive interactive environments, merging dynamic spaces in 3D and soundscape.

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